Fix & Flash… strong, light-activated glue for almost all materials!

Equipped with new light-curing technology, Fix & Flash multi-material glue allows you to glue together all of your objects, on all materials and all surfaces, with ease: apply the multi-purpose glue, adjust the position, activate the light and in 15 seconds, it’s glued!

[Professional] technology

The revolution of this glue lies in its photo-active ingredient: the glue only fully dries on contact with the LED light rays (which recreate the wave length of natural UV rays), regardless of the surface that it comes into contact with! This is what is technically referred to as “shadow curing”. This bonding principle works on all materials, even opaque materials!

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Similar to the technology used by dentists

Our technology is similar to that used by dentists to bond dental braces, for repairing cavities and for whitening teeth!
Fix & Flash, it’s professional!

*The use of Fix & Flash glue is not however suitable for dentistry care.

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[How to use]

Before using Fix & Flash, make sure that the bonding surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease. When using Fix & Flash for the first time, twist the green cap on the bottle in order to pierce the sealing membrane and engage the applicator nozzle. Gently twist to prevent the tube from moving out of its original position. Then unscrew the green cap to apply.

• Holding the grips, with a steady hand, apply the glue and adjust the position.
• Hold firmly in place for around 3 seconds to create an initial bond, you can now use one of your hands to activate the light.
• Press directly on the LED lamp to switch it on, and direct the light around the edges of the bonding area.
• Shine the beam on the area for 15 seconds to fully bond.

Wet glue: nail polish remover or acetone
Dry glue: scratch off

Please note: We recommend cleaning the nozzle after each use for optimal conservation of the applicator. Do not perform your bonding tasks directly in the sun as the natural UV rays will speed up the bonding time and enter the nozzle (risk of drying in the tube).


[The glue that can be] refilled.

Fix & Flash, it’s refillable! The tube can be replaced with another 5g tube of Bostik Fix & Flash. The glue applicator contains 2 lithium batteries with a battery life of 1500 lighting hours. After this, you can replace them with two other CR2016 batteries that can be easily found. Each tube is enough for on average 10 to 20 bondings.
Refilling your Fix & Flash couldn’t be simpler:
Unscrew the cap and the lamp.
Remove the tube of glue and its used nozzle.
Twist the new nozzle and tube of glue to pierce the sealing membrane.
Place the tube on its green base and insert it into the applicator.

Now you’re ready to glue, repair and create with Fix & Flash.

Please note: To ensure that the product is preserved under optimum conditions, clean the nozzle after each application and if possible store the glue applicator upright in a cool place. Fix & Flash glue is not suitable for repairs involving contact with foodstuffs. Dispose of the used batteries in the special collection bins and the used tubes of glue at waste disposal sites.

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[The] LED lamp [that activates curing.]

Fix & Flash is equipped with an LED lamp that reproduces the UV rays of natural light. The LED lamp therefore allows the glue to solidify in just a few seconds on almost any material.
To activate the light, simply press the bulb. To switch it off, press again…you should push directly on the bulb. It couldn’t be simpler!

Please note: The LED emits a cold light of low intensity.
However, direct exposure to a bright light can be harmful to the eyes. Do not look directly at the light or direct it towards people or animals.

[Extra strong glue] for all materials [and perfect finishes.]

Fix & Flash glue combines all application benefits:
• Clear and precise application due to its fine nozzle
• No spillage when you stop pressing on the applicator due to a shape memory tube
• Transparent after curing, does not turn yellow over time
• Can be sanded or painted after curing
• A new generation glue that is odourless, free of solvents and without hazard icons
• Does not immediately glue fingers together, you will be able to separate them beforehand. Scratch off any remaining dry glue.


Become an expert.

Fix & Flash multi-material and multi-purpose glue combines the latest generation of glue technology with a revolutionary light application. This innovation allows you to carry out your bonding tasks with ease, in an instant and on almost all surfaces and materials.
A new way of bonding using new generation technology!